Easy Print Text Messages From iPhone App

Text messages usually contain several important data. However, the text messages on our iPhones are very easy to remove, simply by dragging them, especially when you have the habit of clear messages from the iPhone. Have you ever been angry when deleted messages should not be? Can you retrieve text messages from an iPhone and finally print text messages from iPhone?

There are some ways to recover SMS data and print SMS from iPhone, including iPhone 6/6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS.

iTunes backup Method

If you are using a backup copy of your iPhone with iTunes on your computer before deleting messages, you can use iTunes to restore the backup from your iPhone. For this you just need to turn off automatic synchronization in iTunes, then connect the iPhone to the computer along with USB data cable. To restore the backup, click on the upper right corner button that will open the iPhone summary tab. Here you will see a restore backup button to click on.

This will restore all your deleted messages in your inbox and finally you can print text messages from iPhone.

Method 2: Easy print SMS from iPhone app

Method one has some limitation: the data of the current device is deleted. But if you want to recover the messages without deleting the data of your iPhone, you need to use Easy print SMS from iPhone app, which is an application to recover deleted messages, make a backup your messages, transfer them in Computer and finally you can print text messages from iPhone.

Download and install SMS Easy Reader & Printer app, when finished, open the program. Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB data cable and start analysis your device so as to prepare it for the restoration of the data.

Now you can see the messages will be displayed in the program interface and the deleted messages will be marked in red. You can easily find the deleted messages to select form and restore.

Now click on the Recover button when you select which SMS or VMS you want to restore.

After this process select the “Open button to see your recovered messages. Now it is time to make a backup or sent them to print.

Easy Print text messages from iPhone app works best both for local printer and cloud printer.

App to Print text messages from iPhone

SMS Easy Reader & Printer app to Print text messages from iPhone is one of the best SMS management apps in smartphones world. It works fine with both Android and windows phone OS systems. Download this free app and start enjoying the benefits of this fantastic app.