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By means of combining the capability of MAS 90’s world class Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management and Accounts Payable modules, DM2’s BOL software comes with a single point of entry for processing bills of lading from your supplier. Enter bills of lading from pickups by your trucks or by a well-known carrier. Supplier rack prices are examined instantly. Simply show which piece of the load went to a customer and which part to your own repository.

Boekhoudprogramma: Customer deliveries conveniently move to the MAS 90 Sales Order Processing module from which the actual customer order can be recalled, priced instantly and invoiced. Deliveries to your own storehouse compose entries in your Inventory Management module. On-screen balancing assists your account for every gallon. As soon as the invoice or EFT notification is obtained from your provider, you specify the bills of lading enclosed on this invoice. All related taxes and fees then pass to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

Fuel Taxes – Specify which fuel taxes are paid at the rack by supplier and area. Fuel taxes are tracked from point of pickup to point of distribution as well as being carrier through to Accounts Payable.

Rack Pricing – Insert the daily rack prices for your suppliers or have them imported from DTN. All BOLs are checked against these rack prices to help verify accurate costing.

BOL Reporting – Report on reconciled BOLs along with historical BOL reporting by supplier, product, pickup point and delivery point.

Sales Order Interface – Get in touch with customer sales orders for BOL deliveries. Customer special pricing is instantly implemented, the proper fuel taxes calculated, and the order changed into an invoice.

Inventory Interface – For BOL shipping to your own storage locations, automated inventory transfer postings are set up for the MAS 90 Inventory Management module.

Accounts Payable Interface – After you receive an invoice or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) notice from your provider, basically call up all outstanding bills of lading and “tag” the ones included on this invoice. All applicable tax and cost information will then circulate to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

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Implementing dynamic systems that include integrated Boekhoudprogramma and manufacturing software can be a very tricky endeavor. Accounting systems are straightforward structures in general. Accounting software generally requires little customization. Manufacturing systems on the other hand can become incredibly intricate. This is because manufacturing execution systems MES are one of the areas where most companies tend to innovate. Because manufacturing companies tend to innovate when focused on MES an agile system is a necessity if you’re shopping for manufacturing accounting software. Agile systems are systems that allow your team to control the design cycle.

They are not purchased in a box or canned. Agile systems generally require that you invest time with the developer while you are implementing your manufacturing solution but the effort is well worth any inconvenience.When planning any new software implementation you should investigate several things about the vendor. Past and current experience is very important.

A great track record with companies similar to yours should be sought out. When working with references you should be sure to ask about a potential vendor’s ability to maintain and enhance solutions over extended periods of time. Manufacturing systems evolve as business practices mature so a vendor that can change with you is critical. Facturatieprogramma en boekhoudprogramma --Kostenbesparing dankzij elektronische facturatie

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