Portable Stage Platform– Simple And Innovative Solution

Whether you have a square meeting with a speaker or want to organize a concert with a band, you need a portable staging so that the appearance is easily visible. With a portable staging, you’ve limitless options, for example, the portable stage platform can be set almost anywhere, easy to build and more suitable for every type of event. Everything can be arranged such as a platform for your VIP customers, a catwalk for the fashion show, a stage for the festival and much more.

How To Set The Mobile Trailer Stage System?

A portable stage has a great advantage of the mobile stage system so it can be packed as a bigger trailer and transport to the location where the stage will be located. Easy mobile trailer stage built within an hour. On-site flips the pages up and from the roof, additional pages are folded down to from the floor. PA wings for speakers installed and the lights are hung in the ceiling space. The total roof can be loaded with 1280 kg before being hoisted up. The stage is covered with black fabric. The small sides are used as a door for stage entrance. Now your mobile trailer stage is ready to use.

Use Portable Stage Platform

When everything is fixed from the ground to the roof, and 8 × 6 m stage area is now ready for use. As the back height of the stage is 378 cm from the stage floor up to the lower truss ceiling, and the free height at the front is 415 cm. But the height of the stage floor can be adjusted from 90 to 135 cm. Certain companies provide the technical services staff to construct the stage area as per your needs.

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