Airco Installateur In Gent Recommendations

The Installation Of An Air Conditioner

There are some Airco installateur in Gent recommendations for installing a split air conditioner. These questions will help you to make a successful split air conditioning installation and to avoid problems in the future. The first thing to keep in mind for the installation of split air conditioning is that the indoor unit always has the drainage pipe at the lower side, either right or left. This tube should always be placed in descending form, never ascendant unless you use a specific water pump that has a fairly high cost.

That is why you can never place the drain attached to the ceiling to pass the tubes. Another point that you must take into account for the installation of air conditioning split is where you will take the drain of the indoor unit. In summer the indoor unit depending on the humidity of the geographic area where the equipment is located can generate for 8 hours of operation between 5 to 8 liters of water in coastal provinces and a quarter of a liter of water in the dry areas of inside the country. There is also a different factor to take into account before installing split air conditioning which is where you will take the drainage of the outdoor unit in the case where you install a heat pump.

Where Install The Air Conditioner?

The drainage of the outdoor unit only generates water during the winter and to a much smaller extent than the indoor unit in summer. The amount of water you can get in the winter is about a quarter liter every 7 days. This is a fairly small amount of water. However, if the water accumulates for several weeks, you can see that the number will become quite significant. For the installation of split air conditioning, you will also have to decide where to place the outdoor unit. There are two requirements that you must bear in mind when installing the outdoor unit. The first requirement is that the place where the installation of air conditioning is to be carried out is reasonably accessible. Many times in certain houses or buildings the only places where it is possible to install the air conditioning are inaccessible, very high, and dangerous. This way it will obviously be difficult to find someone to do the installation of the equipment because no technician will risk the life of installing a computer. The accessibility of the place where the outdoor unit is placed also means that the connection ports and the safety service valve must be accessible to be able to join both units.

Professionals Airco Installateur In Gent

The professionals for the installation of air conditioning split assure you that a requirement to locate the outdoor unit is that it does not need more meters of pipe than a number of meters provided by the manufacturer. Piping connects the indoor unit and outdoor unit. It is generally recommended that both be as close as possible to each other. Each manufacturer offers different pipe sizes depending on the air conditioner you are talking about. What happens if you exceed the footage provided by the company is that you will have to add gas to the system which will represent a very significant expense. Airco installateur in Gent for the installation of split air conditioning, you will not be able to pass the thought of where you will take the 220v current for your equipment.

Although this may seem a bit ridiculous you have to evaluate it to avoid having to perform, after completing the installation work, gutters or passing cables from side to side of the room. For those who have not yet started looking for air conditioning equipment, there are some important recommendations to take into account beyond the technical characteristics, the energy unit according to the room and the noise of the outdoor unit will have to take into account the conditions of the equipment about the installation kit. It may be that the equipment comes with a complete installation kit, a half installation kit or directly without split air conditioning installation kit.

Obviously, it will always be convenient for the equipment to come with the included installation kit because it comes with parts that will be strictly necessary to mount the air conditioner. The factors mentioned above with the energy unit according to the room and the noise is not smaller. Before installing an air conditioner, you must ensure that it has the correct number of refrigerators to carry out the climate control of your environment.

Usually, you need 100 energy units per square meter, so you should first measure the surface of the environment and then multiplying the square meters by 100 you will get the number of necessary energy unit that the environment demands. About the noise of the outdoor unit, it is true that the brands of air conditioning of inferior quality have very noisy motors. You will have to evaluate the quality of the equipment you buy because the noise factor will be a problem at bedtime or to carry out activities that need concentration with the air conditioning on.

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